Jafar Jabbarli 44, Caspian Plaza
Featuring a modern design, LTC Y offers a high office standard work environment for startup owners, small entrepreneurs, freelancers, business people and anyone who needs an office. Our center is located on the 15th-16th-18th floors of Caspian Plaza.
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Khojali 37, Demirchi Tower
In 2022, a new branch equipped with modern equipment "LTC X" was opened. Our center is located on the 25th and 26th floors of Demirchi Tower.
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By applying to our programs, you can get access to regional and global ecosystem players!

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Ideal for startups at early stage with MVP available.
Ideal for non-technical founders and corporate employees.
Ideal for startups with product-market fit and traction available.
Investment in selected teams / chance to win $50,000
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