Jafar Jabbarli 44, Caspian Plaza
Featuring a modern design, LTC Y offers a high office standard work environment for startup owners, small entrepreneurs, freelancers, business people and anyone who needs an office. Our center is located on the 15th-16th-18th floors of Caspian Plaza.
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Khojali 37, Demirchi Tower
In 2022, a new branch equipped with modern equipment "LTC X" was opened. Our center is located on the 25th and 26th floors of Demirchi Tower.
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About us
Lotfi Zadeh Technology Center

It is a project dedicated to the creation of a technological and innovative ecosystem in the Caspian Sea region, and its implementation began in 2019. This project, which aims to combine technological knowledge and skills, infrastructure and investment in one place in the region in question, is named after Lutfi Zade, a great Azerbaijani thinker who gave 6 important theories to world science. Lotfi Zadeh Technology Center, the largest coworking center in Azerbaijan, serves you in 2 branches: Demirchi Tower (LTC X) and Caspian Plaza (LTC Y). With the service we offer you, you no longer need to rent an entire office. Depending on your choice, you can rent only as many tables as you need, at any time and within the time frame provided. Lotfi Zadeh Technology Center offers high-standard office spaces for small entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, businessmen and anyone else who needs an office, as well as all the facilities for organizing meetings, trainings and presentations. We offer you a temporary personal workplace, more businesslike and comfortable meeting rooms, a legal address for you to meet your clients, receive your customers more effectively. Our innovative meeting rooms provide a projector to organize your meetings at the highest level, special ventilation, security and a special card system to ensure the absence of outside interference in the meeting. Through our high-speed internet, unlimited tea and coffee, free printing service and especially our community managers, we meet your needs during the entire time you spend here, freeing you from administrative work and creating a more comfortable environment than your personal office. Lotfi Zadeh Technology Center offers you not only a place to work, but also new acquaintances and collaborations that will be useful for your business. At the Lotfi Zadeh Technology Center, disinfection against Covid-19 is regularly carried out. At the same time, in order to increase the effectiveness of preventive measures, strict control of the sanitary-hygienic situation is carried out in each room.

Our aim

Our goal is to encourage the development of innovation by connecting the right people in one place, to contribute to the startup ecosystem of Azerbaijan, and to create conditions for the integration of technological ideas into the global ecosystem.

Our values

Our activity is based on the concept of justice; Combining quality and safety while satisfying the needs of our customers is our fundamental goal; We hire educated, skilled and different-thinking candidates, treat them with the principle of fairness and gain experience.

Our advantages
Suitable prices
Tech Community
High speed internet
Acceleration programs
Printer service
Community Manager service
24/7 access
Face ID system
Smart ventilation system
Daily office cleaning
Work areas that meet high standards