Welcome to Lotfi Zadeh Technology Center

Coworking / Acceleration/ Technology Center

All dream can come true.

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Our services

  • Coworking Space

    Hot desks, dedicated desks, working zones, private offices and executive areas are in service for our residents.

  • Our resident's online catalogue

    You can easily contact our residents, request to use their services or even offer your own services.

  • Benefits and discounts

    We're applying discounted prices due to our opening!

Our additional products

  • Natural lighting

    A window side spot that receives natural lighting.

    AZN 30.00Get it now
  • Segment

    A segmented area for dedicated desks, where silence is especially preserved.

    AZN 20.00Get it now
  • Web hosting

    Internet hosting service that allows members to make their website accessible.

    FREEGet it now
  • Virtual server

    Virtual server

    AZN 70.00Get it now
  • Phone line setup

    A one time setup for phone line, which you'll be able to use throughout your membership.

    AZN 50.00Get it now
  • LTC phone number extension

    İnternal extension of our LTC phone number.

    AZN 10.00Get it now
  • Locker

    A personal locker for placing your personal items.

    AZN 20.00Get it now